Privacy policy

October 9th. 2017

1. Basic policy

Due to the importance of personal information protection, "Yumetoshiriseba" is committed to securing compliance with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information. In addition, "Yumetoshiriseba" has prepared this privacy policy together with administrative rules and manuals for personal information protection, and adheres to these guidelines for the suitable and secure handling of personal information.

2. Gathering and Use of Personal Information

1) "Yumetoshiriseba" gathers information within the scope of its business and using appropriate means, while clearly stating the purpose of use.
2) "Yumetoshiriseba" uses personal information within the scope necessary to fulfill the purpose of use. Under no circumstances will "Yumetoshiriseba" use your personal information for purposes other than the stated purpose of use, without your consent.


3. Disclosure, Amendment and Deletion of Personal Data

If requested by you or a legally prescribed representative, we will disclose, amend or delete personal data upon verifying your identity. We will respond to your request within reason and without delay, according to the spirit of the law.

4. Management of Personal Data

1) "Yumetoshiriseba" appoints a person responsible for management of personal information, who strictly supervises against any unauthorized internal use of personal information. Furthermore, "Yumetoshiriseba" implements proper and reasonable security measures both technically and for the organization, against risks involving unauthorized access from the outside, or the loss, destruction, falsification or leakage of personal information.
2) "Yumetoshiriseba" endeavors to ensure that personal data in its possession is kept accurate and up to date as much as possible.
3) "Yumetoshiriseba" will not disclose or provide personal data to a third party, other than a joint user of the data or a subcontractor without your consent or unless permitted by law.


5. Review of Privacy Policy

"Yumetoshiriseba" will at its discretion review this Privacy Policy and improve it as the need arises. Should the Privacy Policy change, "Yumetoshiriseba" will use a reasonable means to make these changes publicly known.

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